About Us

Eskasoni Transit Service is a non-profit service aimed to make transportation more accessible for the residents of Eskasoni. We provide safe and affordable transportation in Eskasoni and also connect you to the Sydney and Membertou area as well.

Our mission is to provide safe, affordable and accessible transportation services to the First Nation of Eskasoni. Lack of transportation should never keep you from connecting with your community.

To eliminate the barrier of transportation needs by making transportation more accessible for Eskasoni in order to get you where you need to go and connecting you with other communities through public transportation. 

Core Values
Culture and Language – Mi’kmaq operated transportation system where the atmosphere feels like home and our language and culture is not a barrier.
Inclusiveness – Making transportation more accessible to those with disabilities or mobility challenges.

Eskasoni First Nation is the largest Mi’kmaq First Nation in the world.  With a population of just under 5000 we are a growing and ever-changing community.  Our community is remotely located along the shore of the Bras d’Or Lakes.   Eskasoni Transit Service began operation in 2022 as a result of the finding in a feasibility study that showed that Eskasoni was in great need of affordable and accessible means of public transportation.  To provide this service is to address this basic need and to help all our residents be more connected with our surrounding communities and services not available within.

Our Staff
Neut Gould – Fleet Manager (pictured)
Dave Simon – Driver
Richard Young – Driver
Lynn Gould – Driver
Jimmy Young – Driver

Interested in becoming a volunteer or part-time driver? Applications and resumes can be sent to [email protected]

Become a sponsor or donor
We are grateful for all of our supporters who make our service possible. Since the majority of our fares are donation we are always looking for business or personal donations to help keep us running. If you would like to contribute to a better connected and more inclusive community, please contact us at
[email protected] or 902.379.3478 to discuss.

Wela’liek msit wen wjit support aq donations’el. Weli apoqnumwiek aq apoqnumoq Essisoqnik. Thank you everyone for your support and donations. Your contributions are a great help to us and to Eskasoni and its transportation needs.